Tourism Fiction Tips

Tourism Fiction

Tourism fiction uses the creativity of writers to promote a region, event or attraction in an area. It makes the place come alive to the reader and drives a desire to be a part of that place (or event).

Tips for Tourism Fiction

1. Bring the scene to life – best opportunity for show don’t tell

The wind blew the soft sounds of the flute across the plain. The simple tune soothed my heart. From the distance, I noticed the warrior. He was dressed in his full regalia and I heard his chants join the breeze. As he drew closer, I could make out the words and was shocked that I recognized them.

“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. You give love a bad name.”

2. Limit the tourism aspect. Including too many locations or too many focuses can take the story from fiction into travel. The location should be more of a character than a scene. If you don’t need it to carry the story forward then consider using it at another time or just releasing it altogether.

3. Give a link – include information to find the location in real life. You can embed the link into your PDF (it really is NOT as hard as it sounds) or just include a link at the end of your story that provides the reader with the option to discover more.

4. Connect with the community – let leaders and others in the area know that you are writing about the area. Send them copies of the stories, excerpts from the book and be sure to ask permission for including links.

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