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Patrick Brian Miller

Patrick Brian Miller - Selti Founder

Miller is the founder of SELTI and author of Blind Fate, the first tourism novel in the world with an interactive travel guide inside the book. Blind Fate has live links in the book that take readers instantly to the websites of the real tourism places found in the story–all with one click. Blind Fate was featured in USA Today for its innovation in tourism fiction. Miller earned his degree in English from Troy University.

Kathryn C. Lang

Kathryn Lang

Lang is the Executive Director of SELTI and the first winner of the short story contest. Her degree in Leisure Services from the University of South Alabama helped to peak her interest in the emerging genre of tourism fiction. She is pushing the tourism and fiction relationship to new levels with her first tourism fiction novel, Mystery Rock (due out in the Summer of 2014). Lang is available for interviews, presentations, and talks.

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